Serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Haiti
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July 2016
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What missionaries do on dates!

July 12, 2016   

First: Leave house, drop off kids with teammates, stop at favorite grocery store to fortify ourselves with an iced coffee (they have Starbucks iced mochas! happy dance!).

Then... store #1 (meh hardware store): price check what we think we want, check out a different brand to see if we might be interested in that, decide to go multiple places to check out our options.

And... store #2 (fancy schmancy expensive furniture store that also has appliances): Generators are either too big or too little.

And... store #3 (good hardware store where we would prefer to purchase): doesn't have anything in the sizes and brands we are interested in.

And... store #4 (car dealership that also does generator stuff): bingo! The right generator at the right price. Bonus: the managers speak English and have an air-conditioned office! Purchase and arrange for delivery.

Call teammate watching kids and okay taking a bit more time to grab lunch. It's a date! Go to our current favorite restaurant - located at a small hotel that caters to U.N. contractors. Tim gets a burger, I get a gyro. We share sweet potato fries (yum!). Spend time guessing what language the 20 U.N. guys at the next table are speaking. See from their armbands when they leave that they are Egyptian.

Pick up kids, get home in time for delivery. Argue with delivery men about placement of generator. Argue with delivery men that it is indeed their job to put the generator where it needs to go. Argue with delivery men that no, we don't need to pay more to have them put it in place. Call secretary at car dealership and convince her I really did just buy a generator and I really do need to talk to the boss. Finally talk to boss at car dealership and make him talk to delivery man #1. Endure being glared at by delivery man #2 while conversation takes place. Endure hostility by delivery man #1 and delivery man #2 after phone call. Happily watch delivery men drive away, with generator in place.

Spend next four hours getting filthy in generator room, running conduit and hooking up new generator.

Debate how this really wasn't the right time for a large purchase... but oh baby, listen to it purr!



Electrical woes

July 11, 2016   

48 hours + 45 minutes of electricity + an ancient generator puffing a LOT of smoke = generator shopping!