Serving with Mission Aviation Fellowship in Haiti
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Tim is an administrative guru at the MAF hangar; he schedules flights, invoices customers, manages national staff, handles financial stuff, does inventory, field tests new software for HQ and myriad other things. He’s a pretty awesome tickler of little boys and he also makes a mean blended mocha!

Liz is a homeschooling mama who likes making things simple and beautiful, whether through decluttering stuff, propagating new plants or splashing on a new coat of paint in a dingy room. She is happiest when doing those things for someone else, which is pretty easy to do in Haiti! She rises early to read her Bible and be awesomely productive, but don’t expect an IQ higher than 100 after 6pm… you won’t get it from her!

Jacob is a math and science whiz who always has a joke ready to tell. A night owl like his Daddy, he often reads multiple books per night.

Ben is our litte blondie who is awesome at hurting his head. Yup, swimming pools, playgrounds, steps, countertops… he’s been there, drawn blood. He is pretty adorable and once you get past his initial shyness, you’ll be his new best friend. Promise.